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Art adds a real beauty to the lives of those who experience it, that being said, my life was blessed due to my ability to create art. KvsKustomz Designz™ is a small Online Art Gallery and Print Store, made by me, with specialty pieces and prints you can order to hang beautifully in your home. At KvsKustomz™, you can find fair prices for high quality art. Local Collectors and casual art buyers alike can roam the site and enjoy  varied selection of works that I made and recreated as affordable prints. Browse, enjoy, and do not be afraid to get in touch with any questions, comments, or concerns. 


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Instagram: @kvskustomz.designz |

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There is a 15 day return or Exchange policy. 

 Product must still be in original shipping packaging and can not be extremely damaged or destroyed.  

Exchanges are allowed if product was slightly damaged in some way during shipping process.

 Must provide proof of purchase and information for any return or exchange process. 


Instagram: @kvskustomz.designz

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